Active Senior Living Communities

Active Senior Living Communities

You now have the time to do what you always wanted to do. What was that again? Hiking the Appalachian Trail? Volunteering at the Humane Society? Working part-time at a ski resort? Mentoring a child?

With more seniors living longer and more active lives than ever before, how you choose to spend your retirement really is up to you. There are limitless ways to fill your days. Do what you want to do. A more active life almost always means a better quality of life.

Active Living Options

First things first: if you’re healthy and active, you may just choose to live in the home you retired in—until it becomes more than you want or are able to handle. It’s a tough decision to leave the home you raised your family in, the neighborhood you’re used to and familiar with. But maybe your home is just too big and requires too much upkeep. Or maybe you’d rather live with other active seniors. Maybe you just want a change. If so, you have plenty of options.

Independent living communities are designed for the active and healthy senior who is able to live independently on their own. You can live in a home, condo, townhouse, apartment complex, motor home or mobile home. Senior active living communities are found all over the nation and come in wide variety of options.

They are the same as a traditional neighborhood but with age restrictions—usually 55 and older. And they provide amenities like clubhouses, gyms, yard maintenance, housekeeping and security. Most communities also typically offer transportation, laundry service, group meals, and social and cultural activities.

Senior Apartments

One of the options available to active seniors is to choose a senior apartment complex. Active senior apartments are generally traditional apartment communities where each resident has their own, private space. You are able to live with people your own age and you are able to engage in onsite activities designed for those who live there. Apartments are beneficial for many reasons. They tend to cost significantly less than other locations because they are smaller. Yet, they are ideal for anyone who may not want to have a large home to take care of.

Senior apartments are generally rented but can be purchased in some areas. Many are high-end locations with modern updates and amenities. Others are smaller or less feature-driven. Individuals can choose the type of space that is right for their individual needs and goals. The key here is to consider the layout of the location, the amount of space you need, and the online amenities available to you. If this fits your goals and your lifestyle, a senior apartment can be an excellent choice. It offers flexibility, privacy, and the independence you want without all of the hard work that typically goes with owning a home.

Active Retirement Communities

Active retirement communities are a bit larger. These communities are designed for those couples or individuals who want to be around other people their age who are also active and engaging. Most often, these locations will offer some key benefits. For example, you’ll live in a single family home, condo, townhome, or even an apartment. The key here is that everyone in that space with you is looking for things to do to remain active.

Active retirement communities are designed to give you plenty to do if you want to do so. You can join clubs ranging from intellectual to crafting. You can tour various cities on bus tours together. You can engage in a wide range of programs at the location as well. Because they are active communities, they offer a location for people to come together and to enjoy a higher quality of life. Many offer clubhouses or spaces for people to meet and talk to each other. This type of environment is ideal for anyone who may be retired but still wants to enjoy a high quality of life.

55+ Senior Communities

Within a 55+ community, the goal is to live around people who are over the age of 55. These communities restrict individuals from living in your home who are younger than this. The benefit is that there are likely to be like-minded people living around you. Many times, these communities are single-family homes where you will own the home outright. However, other options exist as well. You may choose to live in a community that is made up of condos or townhomes.

When it comes to choosing this type of environment, individuals should take into consideration what their goals are. Each community offers different features and activities for seniors. Most provide a wide range of ways for seniors to communicate, participate in programs, and to enjoy social activities.

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