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In an April 29 Crain’s Detroit Business article—“DMC exec challenges auto insurers to cuts”—Chad Livengood reported on Conrad Mallett’s proposed ideas for auto insurance reform that he presented at a recent Citizen Detroit forum on the topic. While I was intrigued by what was written in the article, I was also a bit perplexed by what...
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Southfield, Mich. —March 22, 2018— A. Vince Colella, a civil rights and personal injury attorney at Moss & Colella, P.C., say the recent incident where a pedestrian in Arizona was killed after being hit by an autonomous Uber vehicle has sparked conversation in Michigan about how individuals here would be legally protected in a similar scenario....
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Southfield, Mich. —March 1, 2018— A. Vince Colella, a civil rights and personal injury attorney at Moss & Colella, P.C., has spent years seeking to ease the far-reaching protections offered to employees and entities covered by government immunity. With proposed Michigan Senate Bill SB-0877, introduced on Feb. 27 and seeking to eliminate government immunity protections in...
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Brian Dickerson of the Detroit Free Press recently wrote an op-ed that explored the role government immunity plays in denying liability and responsibility for government employees whose poor decision making has caused harm. (Who pays when the government screws up? 2/4/18). It’s an interesting read, as Dickerson looks at the historical background that spawned the government...
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If you live in Michigan or another cold weather state but still love to be outdoors, it’s hard to ignore the allure of fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and other outdoor recreational options. While they do carry an element risk, these activities can generally be safely enjoyed by sober participants obeying written and common sense...
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