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Moss & Colella, a Detroit Personal Injury Law Firm, has years of experience representing injured victims in Michigan. At our office we work closely with you and your family, call you by name, and passionately advocate for your rights to fair compensation. Our firm’s outstanding track record has resulted in millions of dollars awarded through both verdicts and settlements for our our injured clients.

Verdicts & Settlements

Product Liability

A woman had 3rd degree burns over 22% of her body resulting from a citronella fire pot explosion. The settlement was



Police Shooting

Officers were called to the home of a man suspected of an overdose. The man refused medical care and allegedly attempts to kick one of the officers, resulting in an office firing his weapon. His weapon striked the man in the stomach and left the individual with permanent nerve damage in the leg. The defense offered: $5,000.00 prior to trial. The Jury Verdict was:


Sexual Harassment

At a national restaurant chain, a Female kitchen staff employee was a victim of sexual harassment. This harassment ultimately forced her to quit her job when the employer failed to take the necessary measures to stop this harassment. The verdict was:



Jail Death

When discussing the criminal justice system, death and negligence should never be in the same sentence. In this case. Failure to properly house a mentally ill inmate, resulted in inmate on inmate result which led to death. The settlement was:



Our Vision

When you choose our attorneys to handle your personal injury, civil rights or wrongful death case, you are hiring Metro-Detroit’s top personal injury trial team.


Our legal team of highly skilled trial attorneys has a passion for serving clients. We channel our knowledge, experience, energy and creativity into effective action against larger interests.

Our Mission

The attorneys of Moss & Colella have chosen our careers to stand up for those who have been victimized by insurance companies and corporate America.

Auto Accident

Verdicts and Settlements
  • Rear seat passenger sustains fractures of spine and legs in roll-over collision. Settlement $266,000.00.
  • Minor passenger involved in roll-over accident sustains multiple orthopedic injuries and traumatic brain injury. Auto insurance carrier refuses to pay medical bills and attendant care services. Settlement $350,000.00.
  • Pedestrian struck while crossing an unlit street sustained a leg fracture requiring open reduction internal fixation surgery. Denial of Attendant Care benefits by insurance carrier. Settlement $169,868.71
  • Detroit police officer struck broadside by another vehicle while pursuing a fleeing felon, resulting in multiple rib fractures and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Settlement $115,000.00.
  • Driver rear ends another vehicle on the highway, resulting in traumatic brain injury. Claim for attendant care benefits denied by insurance carrier. Settlement $139,000.00.
  • 71 year-old woman crossing a two- lane highway outside of the crosswalk walks directly into the path of a truck trailer pulling a pontoon boat. Investigating officer finds no fault on behalf of the driver. Woman suffers traumatic brain injury. Settlement $300,000.00.

Auto Negligence

Verdicts and Settlements
  • Driver sustains low back injury requiring surgery in a minor impact rear-end accident. Settlement $550,000.00.
  • Plaintiff and front seat passenger injured in a two vehicle collision. Both Defendant Drivers were negligent. Plaintiff suffered facial injuries requiring reconstructive surgery. Settlement $450,000.00.
  • Plaintiff suffered a mild closed head Injury. Settlement $150,000.00.
  • Aggravation of pre-existing conditions necessitating back surgery. Settlement $170,000.
  • Policy limits paid to motorist who suffered low back injury requiring surgery. Settlement $100,000.00.
  • Automobile insurance policy limits paid to driver who suffered concussion injury along with neck, back and knee injuries also requiring surgery. Settlement $100,000.00.

Premises Liability

Verdicts and Settlements
  • Plaintiff slipped and fell on the floor of a fast food restaurant. Defendant was negligent for not placing caution signs to warn patrons. Plaintiff required back surgery. Settlement $550,000.00.
  • Apartment complex held liable for tenant’s child who placed a lit sparkler on a 6 year old resulting in severe third-degree burns. Settlement $200,000.00.
  • Elderly woman attempting to enter retail chain store encounters malfunctioning automatic door that strikes her, causing her to fall and fracture her femur. Settlement $210,000.00.
  • Plaintiff slipped and fell inside an auto plant, resulting in fractured elbow. Settlement $145,000.00.
  • Renter burned in her bathtub claims landlord’s maintenance staff negligently adjusted the hot water tank for the woman’s apartment. Settlement $130,000.00.
  • Customer slipped and fell on a convenience store floor which had recently been mopped. Store employee negligently failed to place caution signs to warn customers of the wet floor. Plaintiff suffered a low back injury. Settlement $218,000.00.

Personal Injury Protection Benefits Claim

Verdicts & Settlements

Injured driver suffered soft tissue issues and aggravation of pre existing conditions. The allowable expenses included home modifications, attendant care, and household service. The settlement was $145,000.

Verdicts & Settlements

Restaurant Negligence

National restaurant chain allowed a foreign object to be served in a meal, causing a patron to choke when swallowing the object. The patron suffered a neck injury from retching to extricate the object and required surgery months later. Settlement $199,500

Bar Liability for Patron Assault

Verdicts & Settlements

A man was injured by an intoxicated patron in a local tavern. The was bar was held liable for serving the patron alcohol while he showed visible signs of intoxication while making homophobic slurs. The patron prevailed under claims and used the “Michigan Dram Shop Act”. The settlement was $198,000.00.

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